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    How to link multiple text words to different pages in a single PDF simultaneously.

    Deepak Shakalya

      Dear Concerned,

      I have one PDF of 4971 pages and 3320 unique text words in it. I want to link all these 3320 unique words to different pages in this PDF.

      For example, I want to link words: 'Audience' to page number '281'; 'Broadcast' to page number '541'; ... ... ... 'Youth' to page number '4969'; 'Zone' to page number '4971' and so on.

      I know to link the words separately one by one but it will take months for me to complete this activity.

      So is there any procedure to link multiple words to different pages simultaneously?

      I hope you have understood my purpose also, my purpose is whenever I click on any of these unique words the required page should be opened.

      And for this you can suggest me any other method also except linking. I also know about bookmarking but that is also One-To-One activity.

      So if there is any method to solve this purpose simultaneously, then kindly let me know! I shall be thankful.


      - Deepak Shakalya