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    How to transition from iphoto to LR


      Woeful tale: freaked out at horrible reviews of Apple photos vs iphoto and, thusly fed up, I used Elements Organizer to import over 100,000 images into Lightroom. I like what I see so far but there's a learning curve. The metadata didn't transfer as well as hoped which will mean A LOT of time reorganizing. Not sure where to keep RAW / DNG files vs. their JPG duplicates. All photos from iphoto are sitting in Organizer on an external drive. I still have the masters that iphoto /  photos use and continue to run that 'cause my wife likes it, but don't want to keep both forever. What are other folk doing to make this transition, to not lose many hundreds of album labels (are these the equivalent of collections?) and gain some sense of security that a all their pictures are safe and accessible?

      And my apologies for the convoluted array of questions, but it reflects the state I'm in. Any help is appreciated.