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    After Effects - Audio Rendering Issue


      Hello Adobe Community,


      I am experiencing an issue rendering audio from After Effects using the Media Encoder.

      Using iMac, 8GB RAM, 3.6GHz i5, ATI Radeon HD 5670, Yosemite


      I have created a music video (For purpose of Youtube upload) within After Effects, which is comprised of some live animation and a video backdrop. The audio file is a lossless Wav, and is the studio master file.


      I select "Add to Media Encoder Queue" and select the preset for Youtube 1080p upload. Within this preset, the audio should be rendered as AAC 48Khz, 320Kbps. For the record, the audio is at +-0dBfs in After effects, therefore no clipping should occur when the audio is compressed to AAC.


      After a couple of hours rendering using this method, the video produced is perfect, but the audio is extremely distorted, and sounds like it is clipping.


      My previous method of exporting the video as a lossless file, and using apple's "Compressor" tool did not cause this issue. An example of a previous upload can be seen here for your information. Tone-O - Nox - YouTube


      Perhaps the problem lies there, the fact that I do not render a lossless file first? But if that is the case, that would limit the actual use of Adobe's Media Encoder...


      Where am I going wrong folks!? I am rather new to video editing in general, so please ELI5!


      Many Thanks,