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    Files dropped out of catalog


      Hello LR experts,

      In my LR CC 2015.3 catalog I have some 13,000 files in one directory tree. One subfolder has 350 files, of which I edited several and printed. When I went back to work with them more, 5 of the files, including those I edited, have disappeared from the catalog. I panicked because those were some of the best. Upon file search it turned out that the original files are still on the HDD. So I decided I will synch them back in, even if I lose the develop settings I had made.

      When I tell LR to synch the folder it tells me that 5 files are missing but does not show them in the Import dialog and does not re-insert them back into the catalog no matter what I try. These .NEF files are not corrupted, PS opens them just fine.

      Looks like catalog corruption. I ran Optimize catalog, that did nothing. Does anyone have a solution?

      This makes me wonder how many such files I am missing? Once I learn how to fix this I will have to do the same for the rest of my 80,000 picture catalog

      Thank you in advance for any suggestions!