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    SWF file not exporting correctly


      I currently use InDesign CS6 with Yosemite.

      I converted social media icons to buttons and made them link to their URL, when exporting to SWF (I checked it was all pages) it only exported the first page and the file icon was a blank white page (there are only two pages to export). I tried again by making the names of the social media pages the buttons, followed the same procedure and the same result occurred. It keeps only exporting the first page, its like it doesnt read the first page.


      In the past I have successfully linked buttons to pages within a document and never experienced a problem before. My boss would like to have interactive newsletters on the website and I so far dont know how to fix this problem, no one seems to be able to help me.... I've even tried an interactive PDF and it exported both pages but the buttons were inactive.