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    Transform shape into shape

    Duane 123inkt.nl

      Hello everyone,


      First off, let me say that I am very new to Edge Animate (just finished the basic training last week)

      My question is:
      Is it possible to let an object transform into a into a different object?
      In my case: let a vector thumb transform itself into a vector logo





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          jhtmk Level 3

          HI Duane,


          Yes and No, it really depends on how you want the final animation to look, if it's very basic and not a lot of detail in the transformation then you could potentially get away with animating the clipping and opacity properties in Edge Animate. If the vector images are also not very detailed and are quite stylised and minimal you could recreate them using the basic shapes with in Edge Animate that will give you more properties to be able to animate within Edge.


          If that will not work or you need a more detailed transformation or morph you would be better off looking into doing this in after effects or flash and then creating a spritesheet or simple exporting a video file depending on how you want to use the final animation.

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            Duane 123inkt.nl Level 1

            Hi jhtmk,


            Thank you for taking the time to awnser me, i´m sure good ol´ flash will help me achieve it.


            Have a nice day