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    Import issue: "Create New Folder" doesn't


      Maybe I am doing something wrong here, but this is infuriating.  I am one of the few people who breathed a sigh of relief when they re-did the Import option, and now they put it back to the "old way" and I'm stuck again.  Here's the issue.  This is LR CC (latest) running on Win 7 / 64.


      I have my photo shoots organized by year, then subject; so something like:

      - 2015

           - Sea World

              - RAW

              - JPEG

           - Zoo

              - RAW

              - JPEG



      In Import, I want to bring photos from a memory card into a new folder under, say, "2015".  I right-click on 2015 and select "Create New Folder".  I enter, say, "Food", and press "Select Folder". I get the message: "Food  The path does not exist.  Check the path and try again.".  OK, maybe it wants me to go up a level and select "2015", the folder that I want to create a new folder in?  No, if I do that then it happily accepts "2015" and does nothing, because it already exists.  In desperation, I resorted to creating the folder by right-clicking on the folder listing in the dialog, doing the "New->Folder" thing, creating "Food" under "2015", then selecting that as my "New Folder".  It accepts this, but then the Food directory does not appear in the folder tree!


      The only solution I have found so far is to do this, then exit and re-enter import.  It then shows "Food" under "2015" and I can proceed.  Surely I am missing something?  Please enlighten me?