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    i use adobe clip for IOS,


      could you please support me

      i;d like to know :

      1-how many number of photo to create best result for 15 seconed video for instagram App?

      2- if i record, how long minutes i must recored to give me good result of 15 seconed  for instagram ?

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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Khaled,


          You should get creative and see what gives you the best results I would recommend that if you creating videos for Instagram where you want to combine multiple clips, to keep the video clips you shoot relatively short (3-7 seconds) so that you can edit them together and still come in with a final video under 15 seconds. It is harder to trim down a one or two minute video to 15 seconds, especially if you want to incorporate multiple shots. If you are using a combination of photos and videos, try using many photos with an automatic project to get a dynamically changing video.


          Have fun!