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    InDesign Server Package Issue

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional


      I am facing a new issue that never rose before with the package feature with inDesign Server. Suddenly nor the indd file, nor the fonts folder, nor the Links folder are created. All I get is the "instructions.txt" file. Weirdly enough I produce a pdf file which faithfully represent what my indd is expected to be. The contents are well placed (texts and pictures)…So at some point it's obvious the file exists but somehow something is corrupted when InDesign wants to package the file.

      Actually my workaround is to mimick the package feature myself. However i would like to understand what's going wrong here.


      Even weirder, in some cases, the package is just fine. So I am feeling there is some wront artefact is ome file but thos files got nively packaged in the past. I use to place fonts in the Applications fonts folder. But i tried to remove any fonts, restart server and it didn't fix it.


      Any hints ?


      Best regards,