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    ExtendScript toolbox status ?


      Hi all, let me first present my work environment.

      osx 10.11.1, indesign cc2015 application.


      Trying to find info concerning the ExtendScript toolbox

      1 - is still alive ?

      2 - is it workable ?

      3 - I have some (lowly) basic knowledge of scripting, modifying scripts to suit my own needs.
           I want to go beyond the apprentice mode to write and adapt scripts found on the net (with author's permissions where applicable of course). What direction should I take : Applescript, VB Basic, Java ?


      much thx for any answer


      Bart Van Put

      antwerp, belgium

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Bart,


          Here is what I could recommend.


          1) Language

          I would definitively pick js over VB or AppleScript.JS is cross platform so one script may run in both OS. However VB and APS may be useful once in a while but you should save them for when you really have to


          2) IDE

          I may count in the few liking ESTK. Well it's most that I don't have much to complain about. However to be honest, given the growing of Brackets, ESTK may not survive for long. I know there are also alternatives with Sublime Text and etc. Best thing is to try them all and see what fits you best.


          Good luck in your journey.



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            Bart_Indesigner Level 1

            Merci Loic !


            What I am looking for (as a beginner) is an environment which maybe gives suggestions on completing expressions (so to help with a dictionary or suggested uses...


            Encore grand merci.


            + : j'aime fort la page Ozalto, je suis dans la branche "agence PAO avec des bases de données"

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              Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Bart


              …an environment which maybe gives suggestions…


              I think ESTK offered that a long time ago but the feature (code completion) isn't working but for JS props and methods. Otherwise Brackets does that but to be fair I don't know if it comes with the standard distribution of if it's due to addons I installed. As Brackets is free, best thing is toi give it a try.


              One word though, suggestions are great but as a newbie, I am not sure how helpful that would be. I mean being offered choices is great is you have a feeling of what property or method should be called depending on the object. After years of ExtendScript i can now if not using props and methods by heart for the whole OM, I may look at a specific set of data when I have some doubt of the spelling of some props. That's where IMHO autocompletion helps as it mostly confirm your feeling


              So I would really start reading the docs and force myself doing all the samples. It can seem tedious but it's a lot of pain you will save yourself later (believe me as I did rush at the beginning and had a lot to re-learn )






              PS: Thanks for your appreciation on my website. I wish i could write more blog articles and update it.