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    Premiere Elements 12 starts to capture DV tape then stops then you have to start it again at beginning of tape.  Also happens after gap in recording.

    declanm91633287 Level 1

      I have 2 old tapes that I am trying to edit using PE 12, because this is the last Premiere Elements version that captures from DV tape.  When I captured the first tape I found that at the beginning of the tape the capture would start for about a second, then stop.  I had to start again.  I lost the first second of the tape in the capture.  The first captures was a fraction of a second in length, about the time of a double tap on the mouse.


      This happened on the second tape, and after a gap in recording on the 2nd tape this happened again.  I can't find anything on the internet about this.


      Things I have done to try to alleviate the problem.


      1.  Change the Pre-roll setting in the Capture Window "Device Control" settings window to 0 seconds instead of 2 seconds.  - No effect.


      2.  Use Capture "by Content" rather that "by Timecode".  This appears to work, but I would prefer to use Timecode, since it is available and all programs I have used int he past use it.


      3.  Changed the project settings for a new project to "DV Widescreen PAL".


      4.  Capturing to Timeline has no effect.


      5.  I checked used Device Timecode in the Capture Window "Capture" settings window.


      I noticed that the date on my video camera wasn't set, I set it, but this has had no effect either.