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    My Eyedropper is working incorrectly. Is there anyone who can help?


      Here is my problem. I have been trying to use both the eyedropper tool as well as the fill and stroke color eyedropper to grab color from my document to use elsewhere. No matter what color I place it on, it is always a shade of blue or white. Very occasionally it will grab the right color but when it does is seemingly random.

      Temp 2.png

      This is a screenshot of what is happening. No matter what I select, whether it be red or brown, it will find a shade of blue, despite there being no blue in the image. I've tried on all sorts, images, .png's, .jpeg's, objects, lines, groups, and I've even placed a circle with a custom color and it persisted.


      As a bit of help, I am running Flash Professional CS6 on Windows 10.

      Recently I had a malware problem with my security service and a computer expert fixed my problem and updated me to Windows 10. Before then, it worked fine.

      I use Adobe Flash Pro almost daily and have never had this problem or any problem before.

      I have no experience troubleshooting with Adobe so please explain simply.

      If I placed this question in the wrong area, please forgive me. I have no idea how to use this or any forum. It took me 20 minutes of searching before I could find out how to ask the question in the first place.

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          CS6 is working in Win 7 and 8 fine for me regarding the dropper. There's quite an order of magnitude difference between the latest Flash CC and your version as well. Windows 10 is a public beta so you must have known odd things were going to happen. Especially with no official support for Windows 10 mentioned by Adobe (System requirements | Flash Professional).


          Can you download a 'trial' of the latest Flash Pro CC and see if it fixes your issue?


          At first blush it seems that somehow you're trapping the documents background color, going right through the bitmap (the background defaulting to white), or possibly are capturing the default color of a buttons hitarea (that cyan blue you have). A very strange thing.


          More system specs would help, like video card, driver version, is a drawing tablet in use, etc.