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    Problems transferring acsm files (which I bought) to my new ereader (Kobo Glo).


      My old ereader broke so I replaced with a new one (Kobo Glo).

      I am having 2 problems transferring acsm files to my new ereader (Kobo Glo). The files are on my computer.

      1. 1)     I can’t load some of the acsm files into Adobe Digital Editions;
      2. 2)     When I try to transfer the ascm files that are loaded into Digital Editions it tells me there is an authorizations issue.

      I am logged in with my Adobe ID. However, I am unable to register my ereader to it because the serial number contains both letters and numbers. Adobe ID will only allow 24 numbers.


      I was referred to this forum by Adobe support. They were unable to help. Can anyone help? - Tx