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    Can you please help me?? Inspect doesn't work? -> "Waiting for a connection..."


      I am following a Adobe course and I have to open a Reflow document in Inspect.. So I installed Edge Inspect CC from my Creative Cloud and downloaded the Chrome extension + BonjourPSSetup.exe in the folder of Inspect. In Chrome, at the rightside of the URL, I am now seeing the orange/black 'In'-icon (from Inspect). When I click on this icon, it's saying: "Waiting for a connection...", with a spinning wheel. But I am waiting for days now and it's not getting any connection..


      I don't know if this is needed, but I did already install the app for Android at my smartphone. When I open the app, it's showing my Wi-Fi network (the right one, where my laptop is connected to) with a spinning wheel (it's not getting any connection). I also tried to add a connection by typing my IP address, but then it says 'Connection unsuccessful, please try again'.


      I don't have much knowledge of computers/Adobe, that's why I am following a course. But they can't help me also and are saying that it's a problem with my laptop I have to solve myself. The Adobe chat support can't also help me, so I really hope someone at this forum can help me further. I have read already above 15 discussion about my problem at this forum, but I can't solve it myself.. I have read something about a Port, but I don't even know what Port they mean or how I can find it.. After reading the discussion I did make sure my laptop and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and in the Creative Cloud, I am logged in with the right Adobe ID.


      Please, can you help me how I can connect Reflow and Inspect?? Or how I can make Inspect work itself?


      I hope you can understand my English, I am sorry for any mistakes ;-)