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    UI scaling and icon/type size in Photoshop CC2015

    rob_ashcroft Level 1

      There have been several questions raised on here in the past about the newish feature of UI scaling from 100% to 200%. I presume the 200% was introduced to cater for the new hi-res monitors (3840x2160), and I presume if you set UI to 200% on one of those it looks the same size as 100% on a 1920x1080 monitor.


      I want my PS to have larger icons and screen text so it's easier to read. I know you can increase the size of the menu text - I have already done that, and it does help. But I need the screen icons and text larger too. If I set my 1920x1080 monitor to UI 200% it is too big, and there's not enough room for editing. There are monitors available that are 2560x1440, which is 33% more than the 1920x1080. If I had one, and set my UI to 200% what would it look like? Anyone tried this? Do you have a screen-shot that you can post?


      I can't understand why Adobe can't add an extra option to the UI parameter for, let's say, 130%. I can't be the only user who wants a more comfortable view. I love PS, but I don't like the UI.


      This is my current view on my 1920 monitor with UI set to 100% I'm running Windows 10 Home on an excellent spec PC (Acer TC-220)


      Any help much appreciated. I'd particularly like to hear from an Adobe person as to why the only options are 100 or 200%