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    I want to cancel my Adobe Stock subscription

    Simone Paoli

      Hello, I already had a Creative Cloud subscription and I wanted to try the "10 free images promotion" for Adobe Stock.

      I was expecting to pay the first month fee (€ 29,99 to be refunded within 2 weeks in case of cancelation within the first month), but instead I was charged with € 67,08.

      Maybe I didn't understand well the terms of the promotion, but I don't understand how the € 67,08 fee has been calculated. It isn't the first month fee, nor the annual subscription...


      However now I would like to have my Adobe Stock subscription canceled and my € 67,08 refunded, even without taking advantage of the ten free images.

      I tried to cancel the Stock subscription using the chat service, but it isn't working at the moment and I don't want to call an American phone number to have my subscription canceled.


      Thank you.