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    I don't want documents saved on the app [Android]


      In our company we have been using the App "Adobe Reader" on android tablets. It works linked with our ERP and we generate a pdf document through the app. The document, once has been sent by mail should be eliminated from the app. Instead every single document is saved on the app. How can i cancel this feature? It's very urgent because are very confidential files and can't remain on the app.

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          brogers123 Adobe Employee

          The documents should not be saved on the app. Only a link to the doc should appear in the Recent and Document Cloud tabs in the Location Chooser. The document actually resides in Document Cloud.


          If something different happens for you,  post back.





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            andreap86774657 Level 1

            Yes, you're right. They are in the Recent but we don't want them there. We don't want the history of the recent files. Furthermore in order to clean this section we have to eliminate the files one by one.


            Can we chanche this feature?



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              brogers123 Adobe Employee
              • There is only a link to the doc, but no document.
              • Once the user is signed in and uses the Create PDF feature, the document is uploaded to the cloud.
              • That user is entitled to use the link under Recents to access the doc because 1) they created it in the first place and 2) its in their account.
              • If the user signs out, that user can't access the document without re-signing in.
              • No other user can access any document on the Document Cloud without first signing in to an account for which they have the login credential.
              • There is no way to turn off the Recent tab.


              The feature seems fairly secure to me. It's true someone could lose their phone while remaining signed in and someone might see a confidential document. However, in that scenario quite a bit more than document access would be at stake. If you want a higher level of document security, you should require users in your org lock their phones and/or securing these documents on the desktop with Acrobat.


              On a side note, docs opened on the desktop also appear in the Recent list if Mobile Link is enabled. That can be disabled. Simply disable Mobile Link on all desktops and links to recently opened files will not appear on the Mobile device.