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    Mis-linked images - RH images database is where?


      Hi all:


      We have a project with hundreds of images. On occasion, we've experienced an image file seeming to be associated with a topic that actually does not have any reference to that image. Nor has it ever had a reference. When we want to delete that image, we have to delete and re-add the ghosted topic. Although this is not a critical problem, it has been happening more often, which leads me to think that RH is choking on the number of images we are trying to manage in the project.


      So, the question I have is how does RH track the images. I've not found any database mentioned via Google. I am also not finding any system file that is touched when we modify an image filename. It almost seems as though RH is building the relationship between the topic and images each time the project opens - perhaps storing those in the CPD file.  Does anyone know if this is the case? Seems inefficient.


      Anyway, I'd like to know so I might have some sort of method to debug the cause of the mis-attachment.