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    Movie Level 1 to Level 0


      Is there a way or a action script that will force a Flash movie (*.swf) from level 1 to level 0 after it finish playing the movie?

      Any script would be helpful


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          why would you want to do that? you're most likely going to have problems (especially if you're not careful to prevent the following code from re-executing - unless you want an endless loop), but you can use the following to load yourSWF.swf into _level0 if you place the following at the end of yourSWF.fla's timeline:

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            borgru12 Level 1
            Hello, thanks Kglad for reply back.

            Sorry that I didnot explain my self very well. I am creating a onscreen presentation (40 slides and I am stuck with Flash 2004mx) and I having trouble with the transition. The problem that I am having is when I am loading a other flash movie the screen goes blank (like a white flash)for split sec and loads the other movie, so my transition are not looking good. The only way to prevent this is to load one movie on top (level 1). So after the animation finish I would like to push it back down to level 0. Here is the my sample code:

            on (keyPress "<Right>") {
            loadMovieNum("BG_02.swf", 0);


            I understand what you are saying but this situation is different.

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              Rothrock Level 5
              No it isn't really different. There is no way to move things from one _level to the other. What I would call reparenting. However, you can use the swapDepths method with _levels. Their names won't change, but you can use it to bring a level above another and then swap them back.


              Of course you can only reference a level once it exists so you still may have a problem.

              Of course you could put somthing on _level99999 (or whatever) that acts as a "curtain" and it closes between the "acts" and then is made invisible after the content has loaded.

              So the line "The only way to prevent this" really isn't quite right. There are probably many ways to design an elegant solution that Flash will do. But switching the contents of levels isn't one of them.
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                How about using a dark background behind the images?