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    PlotChart Time

      Hi! I'm trying to display a plot of event times (e.g., 04:10,11:17,12:45,16:50). The series is plotting out as one day though, and not reading my data from XML as time. I've tried a variety of time/datetime formats for the input. If it helps, it does seem to be starting from time-0 (horizontal axis scales from 1/1/1970 to 1/2/1970). Any thoughts?

      <dTime>1899-12-30 14:40:00.0</dTime>
      <aTime>1:40:00 PM EST</aTime>

      <mx:VBox x="10" y="200" width="800">
      <mx:Panel x="10" y="10" width="700">
      <mx:PlotChart dataProvider="{recordsData}">
      <mx:DateTimeAxis autoAdjust="true" />
      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="recordID" />
      <mx:PlotSeries xField="aTime" />