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    Catalogue Damaged by Canon Print Studio Plug In?

    paulw63814455 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I just experienced a very weird behaviour using Lightroom (2015 version):

      After installing Canon's Print Studio Pro plug-in (Ver. 1.4.1) for my new printer, my Lightroom catalogue seems to be severely damaged, in that latest updates to the catalogue and backups could not be found anymore. While installing the plug-in, I had Lightroom running. I was therefore asked to close Lightroom to continue with the installation, which I routinely did. When being asked about saving backups I obviously opted for yes, as I always do. Funnily enough though, the state my LR catalogue is in right now, left some (the very latest) photos I worked on unaffected ie. backups seemed to have been effective and working for some but all photos. This leads me to believe that the installation of the canon plug-in rather then myself having forgotten a backup has damaged the catalogue. In my case almost 2000 photos are affected, so this is quite a big issue and I've never experienced Lightroom essentially "forgetting" parts of its library before.


      Any help would be much appreciated!