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    multiple print order is not executed in LR5

    manuelaw98189123 Level 1

      Hey dear community,

      I have problems with the execution of multiple print orders.

      Does mean :

      I am loading 5 print orders. Each order has arround 10-15 pictures organized on an A4 page

      I store the print as jpeg on a harddisk

      3 of the orders are executed and for the remaining 2 the software LR5 seems to be in a locked loop for the printing download, while other actions like e.g. developing RAW files is running.

      I stop the print order execution after 2 hours and generate the remaining two orders again. And now those are also executed.


      System I am working with is : MACBookPro with 10.9.5 with 8GByte RAM and LR 5.7


      Hope one of you has already solved this problem and let me be part of the solution


      Thx in adavance a good working week here from Frankonia