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    TIMECODE: Colon vs. Semi-Colon


      I'm about to start a new comp and noticed that the TIMECODE of the composition is now separated by Semi-colons instead of colons.

      Why is that? Does it affect the comp in a different way. Up until now every comp I've created uses COLONS to separate the timecode.


      I just don't like when things change and I don't understand...especially at the start of a project.



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          shanewhite Level 1

          After more investigation I realized that it was defaulting to a preset comp HDTV 1080 and when I switched it to custom 1920 x 1080 @23.967fps it converted over to the colon.


          Thanks for the response.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's the most important thing to remember. Drop frame timecode does not drop frames it drops frame numbers so that the hours minutes and seconds match real time. Non-drop frame timecode  does not drop frame numbers but the time display is not accurate. The longer the program, the larger the error. If you have your composition set to non-drop frame time code and you make a 60 second commercial for broadcast it will be rejected because it will be too long. If you make an hour-long television program it won't be an hour long. It will not fit in the hour timeslot unless you have your timecode set to drop frame timecode. The total number of frames in the project will not change. The only thing that changes is the accuracy of the clock that timecode gives you.


            This problem does not exist in pal countries because they broadcast at frame rates that evenly divide into a second. NTSC countries like the United States changed the broadcast frame rate to 29.97 when they started broadcasting color to allow time in the blanking part of the signal for color information.  That is why drop frame timecode was invented or cobbled together.  I think it was designed to give us all headaches.

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              shanewhite Level 1

              Agreed. I remember learning that some time ago but haven't had to do broadcast stuff since forever.

              Thanks for the input, Rick.