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    Adobe ID problems on Mac


      I have never successfully used ADE on my Mac, even though it says that my computer is authorized. The same error always reads: Error getting license, server communication problem, E_ACT_NOT_READY. Adobe recognizes an old, invalid email address as my ID and since I don't know the password I can't deauthorize or reauthorize. Chat was no help whatsoever.  And no phone service, either. What can I do so I can download books through ADE?

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          I am having the EXACT same problem! I even deleted the program and reinstalled and it didn't work

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            tamtam8454 Level 1

            Bonnie, I have used Chat live (2 reps) and even spoke to 2 service reps on the phone today. They tell me my original Adobe ID (which is an old, invalid email address) is not anywhere in their system, so they can't delete it. Yet it is the only Adobe ID that comes up on my Mac when I try to use ADE. They have given up.

            I don't know what to do. I can't access my old email to reset the password. I also deleted and reinstalled the app but to no effect.

            Adobe really sucks.

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              bonniec85443939 Level 1

              I agree completely! I have been on chat three hrs transferred I don't know how many times and I even found in the forums that they should be able to manually reset my password but no one will even answer me when I outright ask them to. They tell me to contact the book seller. Don't see how they can help me with that

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                bonniec85443939 Level 1

                Woo hoo! I got the problem fixed!!! It only took 4 hours. I was on chat under other and Adobe ID and sign-in problems. I stated my problem.. "I need them to manually reset my password for *inset your old ID* and I do not have access to this email so you cannot send me a link" I had to repeat that statement about four times then the person took about 5 minutes to "check it out" then asked me my billing address, confirmed it and sent me a link that allowed me to reset my password for the id I could not access. And it fixed my problem. I deauthorized in digital edition and then authorized using my new ID.  I hope this makes sense. If not let me know and I will try to explain it better.

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                  tamtam8454 Level 1

                  Wow, lucky you! Congratulations Bonnie!

                  That's exactly what I need to happen.I did manage to access my old email address (I had no idea it was still active) and get Adobe to send me a password reset link. I did that, but it still isn't working.

                  At the same time, I got a guy to supposedly delete the account associated with my old ID. I got an email (at my current address) supposedly confirming this, but that it would take up to a week. But right after he said he achieved this, he had me check if it had changed. It hadn't, so he then concluded it was a technical problem and passed me onto another guy who, after 40 more minutes or so, said there was no solution, and that I should go to forums....here.

                  Have a nice day