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      I have wasted hours on end searching Adobe websites for help, it live chat agents in who are so unhelpful. I want to speak to a human being! I phone Adobe and they tell me there is no department to speak to about my issue. What a joke!


      The ISSUE:


      I purchased Adobe software in October 2013 from a seller on eBay (Adobe CS5 Web Premium). The seller contacted me and asked me for my adobe ID and email and they duly completed the Transfer of Licence form and sent to Adobe and cc’d me in. I never heard anything started using the software and forgot about it as I expected this had been dealt with.


      I have the original case no., copy of emails the seller sent me, copy of original TOL forms.


      Now I have recently sold the software via eBay and when I have filled in new TOL forms and contacted Adobe you say the serial no. of the software is not registered in my name! Arrrgh! And the Adobe live chat helpers will not liaise with me as it’s not registered in my name. “Contact previous sellers and ask them to raise new case no.” NO! Why don’t Adobe acknowledge that they can help me with this and take into account all the info and you contact previous owner if you have to!


      I can give you email addresses & phone numbers of the company I purchased software from. I have contacted them and asked them to chase this Adobe. They obliged and I hear nothing.


      I need someone from Adobe to look into this and provide a solution. The process of TOL in 2013 didn’t work and it is not my fault this has happened.


      A very unhappy customer.