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    Adobe support options and Lightroom photo management


      I am a photography hobbyist and long time Adobe customer.  I have purchased probably every version of Elements since they first version and I also have the full version of Photoshop CS6.  I haven't bought into Creative Cloud yet because I have a problem paying for something every month rather than outright buying the software - but maybe that's just me.


      My experience has been that Adobe used to have really good customer service - but not so much any more.  When you bought an Adobe product in the past and had problems setting it up you could call them and they would walk you through a fix,.  Now it seems they don't provide any support at all for their products (even for set up problems on new purchases) other than to dump you off on their forums which is more or less hit or miss.  Either you don't get any answer from other users - or you get the wrong answer or conflicting answers.  Basically, Adobe customer service has gone down the toilet - at least in my experience.


      That said, and my griping now over with, they still seem to make an excellent product.  I'm thinking of converting to Lightroom, primarily because I'm looking for a good photo management software.  I don't use the photo management feature in Elements, so I will be starting from scratch and not trying to convert an Elements Organizer to Lightroom.  My question is this - is photo management in Lightroom much better than what is available in the most recent version in Elements?  Also, if I do have a set up problem (Windows 8.1I) can I expect any help from Adobe or am I on my own to find a fix?  Thanks for you opinions and suggestions.


      Best Regards,  Roberta

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Roberta,


          Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


          We are trying our best efforts to provide great resolution on Forums as well.

          Photoshop Elements base their organisation on the file / folder structure, Lightroom uses files / folders simply for storage - the catalog is used for organisation. This 'catalog based approach' provides far more flexibility, both in organisation, and in recording a complete, fully-reversible record of all edits made to each photograph.

          You can manage your images well in Lightroom.

          If you buy the latest version of Lightroom, we do provide call and chat support for assistance.

          Please let us know if you need further information.