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    I need to reinstall Flashbuilder 4.7 standard edition after using 4.7 premium as part of creative cloud

    jps_xyzzy Level 1

      I purchased a full version of flash builder a few years ago and then the 4.7 standard edition upgrade just over one year ago. A bit later, I installed creative cloud and with that came flash builder 4.7 premium. I have just ended my one year creative cloud subscription, but need to use my original, purchased 4.7 standard edition. I used online chat tech support two days ago and they told me I needed to call via phone on Monday. I just did that and was told I need to get the answer from the forums. So here I am. However, I am very concerned as I need this software to do my job and yet when I look at this section of the forums, I see very little activity. I really need to get FB running again so I can work. I have the original serial number as well as the 4.7 upgrade serial number in my adobe account. Can someone tell me how I can get 4.7 standard installed and re-activated?