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    How can I post my RH doc online?

      I have an RH 6 folder saved on my hard drive. The final help document opens up in my browser just as I would want readers to see it when I click to open the "START.htm" file.

      I want to know how to get it online so that my site visitors will be able to access the document and all its components. All the image locations indicated in the source codes of my various html RH files exist in the RH folder on my computer, so I expect that they will not open properly if I just insert individual help page files on my website. I want to get the whole thing embedded as simply as possible in a single file so that people can access it without having to download anything.

      I cannot find any files that end in .chm or .hlp in the folder, so maybe I've saved it incorrectly. I don't know. I don't have access to RH anymore because I'm on a Mac, but if there's another way to convert my RH project folder into an actual readable help document that I can embed somewhere, please let me know! Thanks.
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          In order to do what you are wanting you would need to take the RoboHelp project and Generate it as WebHelp or FlashHelp. You would then copy the entire contents of the WebHelp or FlashHelp folder (and all sub folders) to your web hosting service. Once that is complete you would make a link available to your users. The link would point to the WebHelp or FlashHelp start page.

          Does this help?

          Cheers... Rick