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    Deploy Shockwave Flash Player


      I have made a simple YouTube player in C# that uses Shockwave Flash. Now, when i am inside visual studio it works (the videos can be played) but when i deploy my application the flash player turns just white(i only see the flash player control, no videos playing). It doesn't play any videos. Now, i installed the active X plugin for IE but still doesn't work. Even on my development machine the player doesn't play video when i open it directly using the executable. It only works when i am inside visual studio. So i am asking for a help. I know that my applications needs a active X but i don't know the right version to download or do i miss something here.

      This problem only shows on any windows 7 machine even if flash player is installed while on windows 8 it runs fine since it has embedded flash player.

      By the way here is my code to play the video.


      axShockwaveFlash1.Movie = "https://www.youtube.com/v/TBGkbDhE8wM";