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    Robohelp and Search engines

      Hi all,

      We have been using robohelp x5 for a while now and have up until now published the project as HTML with skin onto our website. In previous years I've then pointed my sitemap to each page in turn (to improved google rating), and then added java script to re-launch the page in the correct frame, i.e. with the index /search on the left and the header on the top.

      I noticed that there are a number of other variants to publishing in robohelp 7/8. My question is:

      Which type of project is best for up-loading onto a website, such that pages are searched by the internet search engines (e.g. google / msn), and when found the page is correctly displayed....i.e.. not left as an orphan page without its frameset.

      I know I could do exactly the same thing as I've been doing for 3 years....but I would like to know if theres a "better way" :)

      Thanks in advance