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    eReader needs reauthorization


      Hello. I have a Sony eReader - PRS-T2.  This week I upgraded to Windows 10 and now my Reader for PC software wants me to reauthorize it. Unfortunately, my eReader was set up with a very old email that was closed many years ago. I am unable to get that password information. I created a new Adobe ID account with my new email address, and used my eReader for many years.  But now I cannot use either because it wants the old password. I have contacted Sony, Kobo, and Adobe help chats with no help available; each one told me to go elsewhere.  How do I get my Sony eReader and my computer software (Reader for PC) to work again?  And, no, I cannot just use the Wi-Fi on the eReader to download books because I purchase books from sites other than just Kobo.  Plus, I use my PC to organize all the collections. I deauthorized the eReader but cannot get it reauthorized.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the Reader for PC software. Nothing is working. Please help; I miss my books!

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Acrobat Reader mobile apps (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) are not eBook Readers.


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            Nanaky Level 5

            Have you check the system requirements of Reader for PC? Its compatible with Windows 10?

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              me58387657 Level 1

              I uninstalled the Reader for PC software on my computer and reinstalled it by plugging in my device; that didn't fix the issue. So I uninstalled the Reader for PC again and this time downloaded it directly from a Sony website.  Unfortunately, instead of a nice, clean slate to work with, the software found all my books saved in the Reader folder and loaded them all up.  To answer your question of whether or not Reader for PC is compatible with Windows 10, other blogs seem to imply it should work fine - and it does seem to work just like normal, until I go to open a book.  Then it wants authentication.  Here is the message I keep receiving (see below - first picture).  Of course, I click "Yes," which brings up the prompt to enter my password for Adobe.  Here is my issue:  Even though I thought I had this situation fixed a few years ago, my eReader was initially set up with an old email address that I closed down before I knew I had this issue.  My eReader wants the old password, but I cannot access that information because Adobe sends that info to the closed email account.  (These were in the days before I knew about backup emails for recovery purposes.)  I created a new Adobe ID a few years ago, but since the upgrade to Windows 10 this week (I chose to not accept defaults and wanted to input my passwords manually), my eReader reverted back to the old ID again.  I cannot figure out how to get it changed to associate with my new ID again.  I wish Adobe could just go behind the scene and fix the old password to something easy, tell me what it is, and let me make the necessary changes.  Is this possible?  The representative said I had to go to the forum for help.  I appreciate any help.  I am ready to just do a factory reset, delete all the books from the computer, and reload my 800 books again just to get it all working again.  Any better solutions?


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                Nanaky Level 5

                In This case you should contact customer support for help with you Adobe Account: https://helpx.adobe.com/de/contact.html?step=ADE_adobe-id-signing-in_stillNeedHelp

                You are need access to the same Adobe ID how the first download of the eBook so that can work.

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                  me58387657 Level 1

                  Nanaky:  Thank you very much for responding to my request for help. I greatly appreciate it.


                  After a very long argument with Adobe customer service, the representative agreed to "escalate" the issue to the proper team.  I am now supposed to wait 2-3 days for this new team to contact me.


                  I found on the Adobe website the following information:


                  Can’t access email

                  Try this if you can’t access your email account:

                  1. If you know the Adobe ID password that’s associated with the email account you don’t have access to, you can change your email address.
                  2. If you don’t know the Adobe ID password that’s associated with the email account you don’t have access to, contact us.

                  Multiple Adobe IDs

                  You can consolidate multiple Adobe IDs.

                  Always use the same Adobe ID (email address) that you used when you started your membership or purchased your Adobe product.

                  If you think you have multiple Adobe IDs (email addresses), or are unclear which one is associated with your membership or purchased product, contact us and we can reconcile them.



                  It would be very helpful if all of the Adobe customer service representatives were trained in this simple area instead of arguing with customers that it is not an Adobe issue.  Thank you again for clarifying that this is an Adobe issue.

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                    Nanaky Level 5

                    You are welcome.