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    Adobe Connect Meeting Voice Distortion

    bhanub69538637 Level 1

      Hello All,

      I am using Adobe connect for online meeting with my team members. We tested it on Multiple platforms and the incoming and outgoing voice quality was superb.

      From past few weeks, I am using it on my laptop for the meeting and team members are complaining that my voice sounds like Darth Vader (it seems to be ghostly voice). I myself checked this issue through the Audio set up wizard and I hear the same voice. 

      In early analysis, I assumed it was network issue due to which there are distortion in my voice. But, after upgrading the network issue still the problem persists.


      I am using Lenovo Z50 laptop with Windows 10. The voice of my team members is clear and crisp. We have tested it on Android device, iPhone 5 and 6, Mac Book, Windows 7 and Windows 10. It works fine for all but only causing problem on my side.


      The inbuilt mic, external mic works fine with Google+, Skype and other IM's.


      I have also checked old posts from 2012 where people complained about the same, but those solutions are not working here. Please help me resolve this issue.




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          Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry, but you've posted in the Adobe Audition forum rather than the Adobe Connect one.   You're probably better off posting in the Connect forum (and I've just checked to make sure there is one!).

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            Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

            Moved from Audition forum to Connect forum.

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              Sally Cox ACP Level 3

              Sorry you have having audio issues. A few things to try:

              1) Have you tried a headset? I use a headset with no issues. I like Plantronics and I use on both Mac and WIndows with excellent results.

              2) Increase your cache. RIght click anywhere inside the Connect room and choose "Settings." In the dialog box, choose the third icon from the left (looks like a folder) and set to Unlimited by dragging slider. Don't check the "Don't Ask Again" box (it doesn't work).

              3) Are you performing Audio Setup Wizard every time? You need to do this.

              4) Reboot your computer and close all unnecessary apps before starting with Connect.


              Please try these and let me know if you still have issues.


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                phindersphee Level 1



                I've spent about ten hours trying to help my wife with her laptop regarding this.  Same issue as everyone else.  Same slowed speech, same Lenovo product, same Windows 10.


                The ONLY thing that finally worked is disabling the "Use Enhanced Audio" checkbox.


                I'll give you the instruction set as I performed it for my wife's DeVry College conference call:


                1.  Click on the "Connect" icon normally.  Or whatever you do to engage the Adobe Connect plug-in.


                2.  Once the plug-in has loaded, and the meeting dialog box is available, go to the "Meeting" drop-down menu and select Preferences.


                3.  From Preferences, navigate down to "Microphone" and click on it.  The middle pane will then show a wide variety of preferences, the first of which is "Use Enhanced Audio".  (In my experience, it is almost always checked by default.)


                4.  Un-check "Use Enhanced Audio" and close Preferences.


                5.  Be prepared to do this again on each new meeting.



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                  bhanub69538637 Level 1

                  Thank you guys for the response.


                  @Sally -- I was using headphones but still the problem persisted. Although, by performing the Phindersphee steps the problem was resolved. I am currently testing it in various OS and browsers and in both Connect plug-in as well as without plugin. The success and failure ratio currently (after performing Phindersphee steps) is 4:1. I will share my experience again once I am 100% sure that issue has been resolved.


                  Thanks again.

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                    Jimmy Hepworth Level 1

                    I've tried this option and it seems to work at first but it came back just a few minutes later. Is there any other suggestions or ideas that could help?