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    Help needed with SSD drive -- LR speed is no different with SSD as it was wih HDD


      Hi there,


      I've recently purchased a Crucial MX200 SSD in the hopes that it would make my LR lightening fast. Sadly, this has not been the case so far.  I've called Crucial tech support, but they were pretty useless, so I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out if there is a way to optimize the drive or something.  I've read something about changes in the BIOS, but that starts to get a little over my head, and I've gotten lost in more than article/tutorial.


      My specs:

      WIndows 8.1 64bit

      LR 5.7

      16gb RAM

      Intel core 7 2.40Ghz

      LR cache is set to 70gb

      348gb of 904gb is free on my C drive.


      Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated