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    Adobe Lightroom displays wrong names for locality.


      Dear Adobe!

      This is not the ranting of an emotional down-trodden. It is just an advice of a reasonable adult who is big on technology.

      In light of modern perspective, I'd first grab the moment to express my gratitude for allowing us use trial version of lightroom. Concerning feedback, I will reserve them for now. Because I have more emotional matter at hand, which is this: When I got to Adobe Lightroom's map tab and panned and scrolled around, at one point I checked the area of my hometown. There I saw the name of river Bargushad wrongly shown as Vorotan. The latter name must have been the idea of Armenians who have occupied Qarabagh and its neighboring districts for the last 23 years. Please correct the name of the river to Bargushad.

      I used this forum because "Report map error" button didn't work.

      So, correcting two things at once isn't so difficult for world-famous team as yourselves, I believe.


      thank you.