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    High resolution for web

    davidw12767427 Level 1

      I am trying to save high rez images for web, they are only 2000px square but need to keep them under 500kb. I have found a site that dose this by upping the DPI of the image but still keeps a very high level of quality. Acne Studios - Homepage Mobile Shop Ready to Wear, Accessories, Shoes and Denim for Men and Women


      I cant find a way to replicate this, if I save a image at 2000px 300dpi I can sometimes get it down to 300kb on solid colour items, but anything that's more complex would come out more around the 2mb if I want to keep the same quality. The images are coming from Capture One in JPEG format over 2000px square and at 300dpi. I have tried to saving out in different ways but always as a JPEG, using save for web and just save as (JPEG).


      If the Acne site is able to do it, could this be a plug-in, different software or am I just not using the right settings when saving out?


      Any help would be great.