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    White Gaps appears on the pattern art assets.

    debstorres_08 Level 1

      Hi Designers and Developers,


      I made a wave animation [500x200 pix - required size] in Flash CS6. I published it in "Toolkit for CreateJS". I provided the fla, html, and js file to the Game Developer.

      The problem, the "white gap" appears on the game beta. sample image below.



      In Google Chrome, I can't see the white gaps. Everything looks fine. It only appears on Mozilla and IE Edge.


      I tried to experiment like adding strokes in a tween mask animation. The white gap still appears on the game beta.


      Please let me know If you have any questions or suggestions.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          It's difficult to tell exactly what might be going wrong without seeing the actual file. My first guess is that there is an alignment problem with some of those assets. In Flash you can put objects in a sub-pixel position. The problem may be that something is positioned in Flash in this manner and then, when displayed as HTML, either the object is being moved slightly or resized to align with full pixel positioning. You should be able to test this by looking at the size and position of the objects in Flash.

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