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    fireworks displays all pages the same after uploading site

      Hi all,

      I've been working on a site that I'e made in Fireworks CS4 Mac. I have created 10 pages that all have the same look. Once I started adding content to each page, I just kept saving and moving on to the next one. After exporting my site to Dreamweaver CS4 Mac and then uploading it from there to the host server, I visit my home page and everything seems fien. I then start to check my links, and they take me to the correct page, however the page is exactly the same as the home page. The home page has no content, but others do and the new information added does not show up at all. Any ideas?
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          pixlor Level 4
          Fireworks is not designed to be used to produce production-quality code. If you produce HTML with it, only use that HTML for a prototype/mockup, then throw it away.

          You should take your design and build your site from scratch in Dreamweaver. Start by making a page without content. Save that as a template. From that template, create each of your pages. Then upload your site.