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    Tell the customers you need a full version of Illustrator CC to REALLY use and benefit from Illustrator Draw

    Lopesco Level 1

      I tried to create this as a feature request, but didn't work, so I'm posting as a discussion.


      As a professional illustrator, I must say: when I first saw Adobe Ideas I tought "what a piece of crap!" An app with just one brush at that time, just an extremely hard eraser, you'd have to buy to use layers, etc. But it was the BEST free hand vector illustration app! I've made some of my best vector illustrations using that app. In reality I tought sending a pdf via e-mail extremelly annoying, but at least you could make that. Time passes and now we have this Draw app: seems an upgrade of the Ideas app, with more brushes, free layers, perspective and grid tools wow! But not: it's just a beautiful toy with no decent export options. A vector app that isn't able to export a vector file. Useless, if you don't own the full version of Illustrator CC to send the work to it. I've said too much about the nonsense of this in other threads here, so I'll will not repeat myself. But please: TELL THE PEOPLE IN THE APP DESCRIPTION THAT THIS IS A COMPANION APP TO ILLUSTRATOR CC. My wish was to sue Adobe because of this if it was possible:


      a. I've paid to get the Ideas app (about 9.9 dollars at the time);

      b. Adobe decides to substitute Ideas for Draw without giving it the vital feature Ideas have;

      c. Ideas doesn't work on iOS 9 anymore;

      d. I've lost time and money doing several illustrations to use in my illustration and design business that took me lots of hours and days of work to do and, as I use Illustrator CS6 (paid version... and I'll not buy CC just to get an export option to a mobile app), I can't get useable files of none of them.

      I can't use my own work!


      I was waiting for a so called "update" that could bring this so basic feature, but now I see that it's useless. Yesterday we have another update that, no surprise, didn't brought it...


      You beat me. I give up. But please: be honest to your customers:

      Tell them this is a companion app before they lose time, effort and money using this app, and to the old customers as myself, that there is no intention to give a vector export to this app, because the important thing is to get people buying Illustrator CC.