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    Export OLAPDataGrid

    c0y0tex Level 1
      Hi, I have a problem I haven't been able to work around, I have a OLAPDataGrid and I REALLY DESPERATELY need to export the data shown to excel, by extending the OLAPDataGrid class I'v managed to make the getCell method public, but I need to access the row side labels and column header labels to export them and I don't seem to find then anywhere. Does the cellData property of the datasource (OLAPResult) object contain this information also? or does it contain cell values only? or does anyone know how to access this information directly from the OLAPDataGrid in an understandable way? I'v been browsing the columns collection FOR HOURS and haven't been able to understand it's structure or logic... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME ON THIS ONE, there's a LOT of people out there who need to do this and when I get it done I promise to post it to my blog.