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    Establishing an clickCount var/function



         I am trying to create a scenario that...


      if "touchPoint1" is clicked once, then play "arrow_mc" at label "1".

      if "touchPoint1" is clicked more than once, then stop "arrow_mc" at label "stop"


         Keep in mind I know enough to be dangerous about coding in EA, so bare with me. Below is what I have, trying to piece it together from various posts. But I know it is incorrect. Can I get some input? Much appreciated!


      var clickCount = 1;

      clickCount = function(eClick)
        var clickCount = eClick.target.getAttribute("touchPoint1");

        total += parseInt( num);

        sym.$("total").html( "total " +total);

          if(clickCount == 1){
      } else{


      I have var clickCount on the Stage, Creation Complete. touchPoint1 is in a group on the Stage. "arrow_mc" is in a separate group on the stage.