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    Outsmarting RoboHelp

      Is there anyway to modify RH so it will allow the use of white-space re in CSS. It likes to strip spaces.,even though it should work otherwise and does from my text editor to IE. Grrrrr!!!!
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          Roger N Level 2
          mballai -

          Yes, the editor that comes with RH does like to change things - if you have it, you can switch it to Dreamweaver as the default editor. It won't fool with your settings or scripts like RH does.
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            MergeThis Level 4
            May I suggest a more focused Topic Title on your next post, like "White spaces for tabs," or some such?

            As you'll see in time, most of this forum is about "Outsmarting RoboHelp"!

            Good luck,
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              mballai Level 1
              Your right Leon, I should be more specific. But if we were always trying to outsmart RH we'd probably want to consider using something else.

              As to Dreamweaver, I don't have that available.
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                Roger N Level 2
                mballai -

                If you go to Tools, Options, and click the tab, Html Editors, you can select FrontPage, which will still mess with your code, or some text app if you are comfortable editing the html directly. Otherwise, you can add the editor of your choice. There are some good ones out there. You can even assign different editors to different pages.

                But, I think you misunderstand Leon. I believe he was indicating that, no matter how many features has an application, and with how much foresight it was developed, it rarely anticipates everyone's needs. Hence, with folks like Leon, who are willing to push the limits of the application, you'll see some creative use of RH's given tools, mixed with a strong dose of innovation and a healthy helping of customization.