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    color issues with After Effects CC 2015 (13.6)

    hmcindie Level 1

      Oh dears, all my old DNxHD files look now wrong (crushed blacks, gamma all screwed)... I guess I'll be reverting to the older versions.


      Also, After Effects sees my Arri Alexas files with a wrong embedded color profile and I can't even change them? Reverthing AE too

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          Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee



          Do you have any Working space set for the project or any interpretations applied on the footage(s)?

          Also, have you used any Display Color Management ?


          Please provide us some information regarding OS, tech specs of the machine, Comp settings, footage information (DNxHD) and Project settings as well.



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            cdertschei Level 1

            Same problem here, I turned Color management on in the project settings, but can`t change anything in the interpret footage dialog



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              Klaffi Productions

              Hi. We have run into the same problem which makes AE 13.6 and newer unusable

              to us.


              We use AE on Windows 7. After upgrading from 13.5.1 to 13.7 any DNxHD material

              imported is listed as having an Embedded Profile of "HDTV (Rec. 709)" under

              color management in Interpret Footage. However the material content looks like

              it was imported as "HDTV (Rec. 709) 16-235" as blacks are crushed and

              highlights are clipped. Disabling color management does not restore the

              clipped data. In 13.5.1 the profile listed is identical, but the clip content

              looks like it should. The project working space is "HDTV (Rec. 709)" and depth

              is 16-bit.


              It does not matter if the material is imported through Quicktime MOV,

              Quicktime reference or direct MXF atom with Pro Import. The material has been

              created with Avid Media Composer as DNxHD 1080p25 185 10-bit with 709 color



              This bug makes it impossible to process material in AE that has not yet been

              color graded to fit inside 16-235. Having to do this intermediate color

              grading would mean loss of fidelity for the final color grade, and would

              require an unnecessary extra step in the workflow. As an example, DNxHD

              material with data outside 16-235 is created by the Atomos Shogun recorder

              that we use.


              Changing "Interpretation Rules.txt" has no effect on these clips as the

              embedded profile overrides everything else. In CC 2014 it was possible to

              choose a different profile for DNxHD clips as there was no embedded profile



              This probably has something to do with the new DNxHR support as the video

              format description listed for the clip is different between 13.5 and 13.7.

              Perhaps this new implementation handles all DNxHD files as if they were

              exported with RGB levels.

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                I want to report that I am experiencing the identical issue with DNxHD 145 8-bit that Klaffi Productions described.


                I work for an Avid Media Composer house that does their graphics work in After Effects. We work in the DNxHD 145 8-bit. We are also experiencing this color issue when working in After Effects 13.6 or 13.7 on Windows.


                We have been using are current Avid to AE workflow for multiples years without issue.

                --We export a Quicktime .mov file DNxHD 145 8-bit out of MC 8.4.2.

                --Import that same clip into AE.That's it. We never had to set a color space or worry about trying to set anything with color.


                The export from After Effects is also not showing the entire range once imported into Avid and clips the data that doesn't fit, so a color shift doesn't fix it, the color info is being clipped. I tested an MXF and got the same results. It doesn't matter the wrapper. The same color clipping happens. Doesn't matter if it is a TIFF sequence or QT DNxHD 145 file on export. The color space is wrong and clipping.


                It also didn't matter what color profile or color space I chose. The color clipping kept happening.


                We reverted back to 13.5 with same settings and the files all show the color correctly.


                This does make your program unusable, if it can't interpret DNxHD 145 color correctly.


                Tech Specs:

                OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

                Avid MC: 8.4.2

                After Effects: 13.7.1 (For the color clipping issue. We are now back on 13.5.1 until the bug/issue is fixed.)



                CPU: Dual Intel Xenon X5680 3.33GHz

                RAM: 48 GB

                Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti




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                  chrisw44157881 Level 4

                  i read somewhere that DnxHD recently changed from 0-255 to 16-255 which would also change your gamma as well.

                  it is also in rec. 709 so try using AE's utility profile converter to rec.709 which should darken it back up. there's two kinds 16-235 and 0-255 of flavors of DnxHD.


                  also, for greyed out color management, adobe's engineer said to use AE's utility profile converter to "undo" the changes the separate color engine uses. That's why the interpretation text doesn't work. It ignores it.

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                    calebmb Level 1

                    Thank you chrisw44157881 for your quick and helpful response.


                    I searched for the color change in the DNx codec that you referred to, 0-255 (studio swing or full swing) vs 16-235 (legal video). Reading up on it now. This link, from Avid forums, seems to be the most informative and thorough on the subject: Avid / Color space - Avid Community


                    Also, thanks for the tip on the greyed out color management.


                    I will be testing things and adjusting workflows once I'm done with the additional research.



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                      Just wanted to echo we had the same issue as calebmb, only our original clip exported was from Media Composer 7. Chris' suggestion about the Color Profile Converter worked perfectly (thank you!).


                      My concern is that when I contacted Adobe customer support to find out why the levels were affected with the upgrade, they wouldn't offer any suggestions as to why it's happening at all and said, because the original export was from an Avid, they wouldn't even begin to address it. I explained that it happened in an AE project that had rendered correctly before and the only change was that I upgraded to AE 13.7 so it should be an Adobe issue not an Avid issue, but he said it didn't warrant looking into unless I was dealing with Adobe editing software. I said others had been having the same problem and AE should import correctly into an Avid project, but he insisted there was not no reason to look into it. His suggestion to me: downgrade to a previous AE version. Frustrating to say the least- and perplexing since it seems like the software engineers would want to know there's a problem?



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                        cdertschei Level 1

                        Yea, that's because Adobe sucks.
                        The whole CC 2015 is actually a payed betaversion, we -  the customers - are paying guinea pigs to test the software... Can`t even tell how frustrated and pissed I am after decades of Adobe madness.

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                          Same problem here.


                          iMac i7 /// AE version ///  Arri Alexa ProRes 4444 mov files.


                          I've managed color in previous versions. I've followed all the tutorials and nothing explains the greyed out options on the interpret footage dialogue box.


                          The general answer / consensus is to use plugins to convert back and forth - that seems like a complicated solution.


                          If anyone has an answer please help!



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                            deloniousmax Level 1

                            If anyone else is encountering this please file bug reports and/or feature requests letting them know. If they can quantify a big need for their users, stuff gets moved up the priority list. Link to file them here.

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                              I have the same issue.

                              Try to work in after CC 2015.3 with some clip exported from Avid media composer and my clip have the same color issue that Klaffi Productions described.

                              I tried a lots of thing :

                              Export  QT DNxHD, export Qtref and then transcoded with media encoder before import in AE, change the color space in the project setting, change the interpret setting, ... nothing can solve that problem

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                                Have you found a solution, workaround or explanation to this problem, apart from using CC2014?


                                I was in contact with Adobe support without any success.


                                I have tried CC 2017 and the problem remains.


                                My experience is that DNXHD Rec 709 (16-235) clips are locked with REC 709 (0-255) interpretation and levels are stretched i.e. 16 appears black and 235 appears white with no color management enabled, making it unusable.


                                many thanks