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    Flash Player detection problem in Mac environment

      Hello Everybody,

      I am facing a strange problem in Mac environment with the Flash player 9.0 detection javascript script auto-generated by the Flex builder 2.0 when it creates the wrapper file. Although the script runs perfectly fine in Windows.
      When I try running the application in Mac, which does not have Flash Player 9.0 installed, it checks for the presence of Flash Player 9.0 asks the user to install the Player 9.0, downloads the player but after the download process is complete it gives the following error -

      "It appears that a browser is still running on your system, please close all the browsers and click continue.."

      After I close the originating browser that led to the installation process (browser where I was trying to run the application), and click on 'continue' the message reappears. But I do not have any other browser open. This somewhat stalls the Mac system and does not even allow to restart the system.

      I checked this even with the Adobe's sample Flexstore application but faced the same problem. ( http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/sdk/flexstore/flexstore.html)
      Please advise, what is to be done. I need to get this run on Mac with the flash player detection testing for a demo :(

      Thanks and Regards,