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    VBScript CreateObject to target specific Illustrator version

    Nlwest User Group Manager

      Since I didn't see this when I searched the forum, I'm posting so others can find it. In the current Illustrator CC 2015 Scripting Guide PDF (link in this forum on the right menu), there is a possible error on Section 3: Scripting Illustrator, Launching and activating Illustrator, VBScript (pages 22-23).

      • When using Set appRef = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application") the guide says that to specifically target the version Illustrator CC 2015, use "Illustrator.Application.CC2015"
      • So I used: Set appRef = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application.CC2015")
      • I got the following error: "ActiveX component can't create object: 'Illustrator.Application.CC2015'"
      • Turns out, there must be a period between "CC" and "2015"
      • The correct text is: Set appRef = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application.CC.2015")
      • The VBScript ran correctly after this change was made

      I don't know if there's something specific to my setup causing this, but if anyone else is searching who is having a similar issue, I wanted them to be able to find this. I wish I had, would have saved me a lot time troubleshooting!