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    Adobe InDesign CC 2015, problem creating package


      Hi there,


      i have the following problem, when trying to create a package out of InDesign 2015 (Version 2015.1):


      Everytime i try to save the file on a smb file sharing volume, an error occures. "Failed to copy the necessary linked files". The volume is on a NetAPP with DFS filesystem.

      As i know, Adobe is not very happy, if s.o. tries to save files or folders on a file share. I have found that the problem is related to a photoshop file, which has some levels in it. Reducing the level to background solves the problem. This happens with PSD and TIFF files.

      Creating the package in the local file system works. No special characters in filenames.

      This problem has never occured in Adobe InDesign CS6.

      Many thanks for help