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    SEO friendly html output

    DNKW Level 1

      I wonder if you can help.


      We are currently using Robohelp 10 for the help pages for our company's software - specifically the Multiscreen HTML 5 output.


      My understanding from our developers is the HTML outputted in this fashion is of a type which apparently is somewhat longwinded, and which therefore has a negative effect on the outputted pages' SEO ranking.


      Therefore, is there a way to generate SEO friendlier html output?


      They are thinking of processing the html in house, so therefore can Robohelp (i.e. does this version, or newer versions) output to formats which they have described to me as 'semantic output formats' such as json, markdown and wiki syntax?


      As always, thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.


      Dan Wait