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    Flash Image Viewer

      Do I need to have Flash installed on my computer to set up and use the Flash image viewer included with Dreamweaver 8? I've inserted the viewer into my webpage but I can't figure out for the life of me how to assign jpg. images to be diplayed in the image viewer. Someone please explain this to me...

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          Sw Jiten Level 1
          Please, first make a difference:

          Are you trying to display a JPG file or a Flash Video/animation ?

          When you are designing the web site, you choose which one you are going to insert on the page: In this sense: is you need to put a Flash File, go to: Insert / Media / Flash and then choose the file you are going to insert in DW.

          On the other hand, If it's a JPG file you insert in a different manner: select: Insert / Image , and then choose the JPG file.

          Rememer that the same path you are giving to the files (JPG or Flash) is going to be claimed by the server, so create the same directories containing the same names, in your hard drive and on the server.

          To finish it, it doesn't matter if you have the Flash program. You only need the Flash Reader, but it has to be the same version as the file you are using (it is much better, not totally necesary).

          Well, hope it will be usefull, best regards