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    Use Rightmove Real Time Datafeed

    Luke Twomey Level 1

      Would like to know if it's possible to send data say from a web app to Rightmove using their Real Time Datafeed. The idea is, when a property is created or updated that data is automatically pushed to Rightmove.


      Reading through their specification (http://media.rightmove.co.uk//ps/pdf/guides/adf/Rightmove_Real_Time_Datafeed_Specification .pdf)), I've come across the following regarding authentication:


      The technical protocols required are all established standards and the client development teams will need to look into the relevant implementations for their chosen technology (e.g. JSSE for Java, WCF or Sockets for .NET, various secure socket implementations for other languages). Rightmove will provide the necessary credentials for client authentication to the feed application in the form of a keystore (file) containing a private key and an X509 certificate. This will be provided in whichever keystore file format is most suitable for the client’s implementation (i.e. JKS or JCEKS for Java, PKCS#12 for Windows applications and PEM for other languages). This file will be delivered securely to the client by Rightmove. The cryptographic material in this file will only be used to authenticate the user to the Rightmove application and will not be used for non-repudiation purposes.


      Is it possible to pull in the keystore details in code and use this when establishing a connection to the remote server? Presumably this would need to be done in JavaScript as PHP is a no no?


      Any input much appreciated. Once I know the right process in general I can investigate the finer points, I just want to make sure I'm getting it right in the first place.