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    how do i create a customised interactive map?


      Hi there.

      I have Adobe CC and would like to know the best way to create a map that you can pan around,  zoom in and zoom out of, with features on it (such as bus routes, cycle routes, parking, site locations etc). I've heard about MSO's in InDesign, and embedding Google maps into Muse. But I want a combination of those things. It would have to be in a format that works as web content, so that the user can click on things to highlight them and zoom in to what they're interested in and pan around. It'd be helpful to use Google Maps as a base if possible, but then adding my own details (such as the bus routes etc). I could create a map base from scratch but understand this would lengthen the process significantly. Would this require training in animation software, or web design? And is this available at Lynda.com? I already have a subscription.

      Any assistance appreciated.

      Thanks, Matt