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    book module:  edits not saving all of a sudden!!


      I need help!!  I'm at the final editing stages of a 150 page book, created in the book module.  And I'm having some very frustrating problems.


      For some reason, it has stopped saving my edits.  Simple things like page headings and photo captions or font sizes.  When I return from the Develop module the book has reverted back to the previous version.  If I close Lightroom, when I reopen it the book is in a previous version.  It seems stuck at one particular version. 


      Since it always seemed to open to one particular page spread, I was concerned that page might have something to do with it, so I deleted it and rebuilt that spread.  I thought the problem was resolved, and so I tried to send it to Blurb...no luck.  It failed. 


      This is my first attempt to publish a book using the book module.  Up until now it's been quite straight-forward (a bit slow because I'm learning a new program), but now I'm worried I will have to start from scratch.


      Anyone else having this problem?  Know what I can do to get this working again so I don't have to try to rebuild?  Any chance I'll be able to still meet the Blurb sale today?